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Some people can use chopsticks and others hold two sticks in their hand like they’re paralyzed from the wrist down, lol.

After learning how to use Korean metal chopsticks to pick up small nuts, anything food that is wet or slimy, and NOODLES which are the ultimate metal chopstick test in my mind I’ve gotten quite good with them.

Tonight, however, I was reminded how some people can be ‘chopstick-challenged’ as I watched a friend trying to get noodles into her bowl . . . sorry “A,” it looked funny to me, lol.

The best part about all of this is “A” speaks Chinese fluently (she’d deny that, but she is really good) . . . but “A + chopsticks + noodles” = potential for disaster.

Anyways, dinner was GOOD tonight!


NOTE: To all people living in Asia (especially Korea) please don’t read this post as validating the MYTH/FALSE BELIEF that many people have about westerners/native English speakers being incapable of using chopsticks–some of us can use them very well, some moderately well, and some are hopelessly unable to use them.  Using chopsticks is NOT like brain surgery–as one Korean surgeon told a news reporter in a story I read (RIDICULOUS!)–and it’s more a matter of familiarity and practice than any kind of innate RACIAL ability!


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Went out tonight for Chinese food with friends and left my camera and lenses inside the air conditioning to get a break from the heat and humidity.

While we all were getting settled at the table I snapped this picture with my iTouch camera.

The ubiquitous roll of toilet paper (used as napkins in Asia) sat front and center.

In the background, someone’s ‘sticker feng shui‘ had been shotgunned all over the wall, lol.

The best part of dinner was when I shot some pics of the dishes as they arrived and the hostess and server were ooing and ahhhing over them, lol. I thought of my Canon DSLR and Canon ES-71II 50mm lens aka my ‘food lens’ and the contrast in quality of picture . . . I think if I showed them shots I’ve taken of their food in the past from my GOOD camera their heads might explode . . .lol.

Dinner was YUMMY! However, at one point we were all glued to the TV as flooding video was shown from Beijing–nutbar!

As I write this I’m still feeling full from the good food which I will definitely miss once I’m back in Canada.


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I was out shopping with Julianne yesterday and snapped this picture of an empty cart sitting behind the shopper who is pretending it no longer has anything to do with her . . .

I’ve run into this now often enough that I think it can be safely called a shopping cart in department stores cultural behavior pattern–and it’s especially irritating when MULTIPLE SHOPPERS DO IT. This leads to a pile up of carts in the checkout aisle that force the last shopper, usually me, to have to move them.

I have begun nudging these carts into the butts of the shoppers to give them a reminder that they can’t just dump the carts, once they’ve unloaded their items, for other people to have to deal with. I imagine they think it’s the job of a department store employee to move the cart once they’re done with it, but I’ve yet to see workers regularly removing them and/or standing at the exit of the checkout waiting to do that particular job, and only that job (though I think Whacko (yes, that’s the name, lol) department stores might have workers just for this job).

Anyways, I guess given a choice between shoppers who bump/push/shove you with their bodies and/or their carts in Korea versus shoppers who just abandon their carts I’ll take the latter over the former.

But it’d be nice to see some evolution of shopping etiquette here–yes, I’ve been ‘huffing glue,’ lol.

p.s. I’m still trying to get a picture of how shoppers here PULL their shopping carts BEHIND them . . . and how the cart swings and sways from side to side forcing all in its wake to avoid colliding with it while the ‘driver,’ ahem,’ walks down the aisle oblivious to the mayhem that pulling a cart causes . . .

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Walking home today after finishing speaking exams for my sophomore course sections I noticed this yellow car with ‘English’ and a custom paint job . . .

“I’m Very, Sweet, Sexy,” ??? I should have checked the other side of the car (darn, didn’t think of that) to see if the ‘sentence’ was finished there . . .

Julianne and some of our friends bought some t-shirts that I should take pics of and post later cause the ‘English’ on those is HI-LARIOUS!


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I swear I’m gonna start carrying some rags or a squeegee with me and when I’m on a bus and it’s raining I’ll VOLUNTEER TO WIPE THE WINDSHIELD periodically so the driver can SEE OUT THE WINDOW CLEARLY!

I’m still amazed on a daily basis that Julianne and I haven’t seen vehicular deaths and carnage on the streets considering how the people here drive . . .


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