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I should post a blog (albeit a little late) about our experience during Lunar New Year’s eve in China.

I can sum it up one word: BLAM!

Changhsha has, I think, the largest number of fireworks’ factories in all of China. Having such a huge supply of fireworks at hand seems to mean that during the year they are set off on a daily basis at all times of the day and night.

Having such a large supply of fireworks at hand during the Lunar New Year’s festival, and especially on New Year’s eve, seems to mean setting off enough fireworks as to make one think they are in the middle of a WAR ZONE!

On New Year’s eve Julianne and I were watching a movie with the volume on my surround sound system at about medium power–and I had to turn it up beginning around 10pm; then I turned it up more at 10:30pm; then I turned it up MORE at 10:45pm . . .

Finally, at MAX POWER we still couldn’t hear the dialog in the movie because the fireworks being set off literally ALL AROUND us were so loud that we couldn’t hear anything INSIDE OUR APARTMENT.

I went outside and took some pics. This is one of my favorites.

The ‘end of the world’ soundtrack aka beginning of the new year lasted till about 1:30am or so.

Welcome to China!

Happy New Year!


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