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A few days ago Julianne and I went with friends to a restaurant called “Juicy.”

If you’re in Changsha go to Walking Street’s main intersection where the McDonalds sits a little ways away from the entrance to the building Walmart is in. With McDonald’s on your right, the statue of Mao in front of you go to your left and look for an entrance way with stairs immediately leading to the second floor.

When you get to the second floor turn right and walk down a hallway towards glass doors and you’re there.

A 12″ Hawaiian pizza Friday night special cost us 42 RMB–and it was really good. I wouldn’t say quite as good as Papa John’s, but it was definitely good enough for us to be returning regularly.

Oh yeah, the waitress who served us spoke VERY good English, and the wait staff were pleasant, and the restaurant has awesome large size cushy seats, a pleasant and calm atmosphere, and the list goes on.

The next time we go I’m taking my wide angle lens and I’ll post more pics.


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